Monday, June 15, 2009


Just three short months ago, our President had not really run anything. Oh, he ran a U.S. Senate office for two years and he was a community organizer for a few years. And, when Colin Powell was asked how he could endorse an inexperienced Obama, Powell said that Obama had run a very effective campaign. The running of an effective campaign was good enough experience for Powell. Well, we now see that Obama is putting his only experience to good use. He has done nothing but continue to campaign. He performs. He speaks. He blames his opponent, only his opponent has changed from McCain to Bush. That's right, he is now running against the entire history of the U.S. and more specifically the last eight years. Obama the world leader - or the world campaigner. As we see him apologize for the history of the U.S. in Europe and in Latin America, I am reminded of his association with Bill Ayres and his self association with Abraham Lincoln. Of these two Americans, with whom do you think he has the most in common? P.S. The Tea Parties across America on tax day were the real thing. I went to one in my community. No hate. Lots of patriots. Good Americans. Could this be the beginning of the awakening of the Silent Majority? Jack