Friday, June 18, 2010


Since the beginning of his campaign for president up to and including his BP speech this week, Obama has blamed Bush for all the country's problems. I could not put my finger on just why this bothered me so much. Sure, there are partisan reasons for this to bother me, but it was deeper. I finally know what really bugs me. It is weakness. It shows incredible weakness for a leader to constantly blame his predecessor.

In his oval office speech, the president used the BP spill for political gain by linking it to Cap and Tax legislation. Cap and Tax, $20 billion slush fund, blame Bush.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The guys that lost their lives working on the BP well are true heroes of our business. They went to work for weeks at a time away from their families and did an all too dangerous job. God bless their souls, and may God bless their families. Only the military men and women of our country know how tough their job is.

The next-in-line heroes are the guys on the two relief wells, drilling to the same formation to stop the flow of oil. How come we have not heard anything about these brave guys? Maybe they should not be out there when it is so dangerous. I assure you not a single one of them gives it a second thought - they are there to do a job. We should ask our President - how do they fit into the six month moratorium on drilling in the deep water?

What are the most dangerous words in all business - especially the oil business? These five words: THE GOVERNMENT IS IN CHARGE
Good luck to you, BP. There are some of us that think you are doing a fantastic job under incredibly difficult circumstances.