Thursday, October 13, 2011


Why is it that the academic elites are believed to be the answer to everything political? Obama, Geithner, Holder, Bernanke, Chu - they are all Ivy League award winning intellects. What makes them any different than most other college professor types. Long on theory and short on practical application. 

It's as if we in the business world come up with an idea and apply it and see if it works in the real world. The academic elites actually take the real world and see if they can apply it to their theory of how they think things should work. Backwards.

We are in the oil business. I mean, I love my college professors. That doesn't mean I will drill a well that they propose - well, maybe one of them. I would not want one of my college professors to be telling a tool pusher where to set casing in a geopressured well.

So, why do we think the professor types have any of the answers? Well, we don't any more. Two years in the US Senate does not equal experience enough to be prepared for the Oval Office. Everyone knows this now. Even the media - they kind of know that they got it wrong.

We need more people like Herman Cain to get involved in politics. He is a throwback to the business man politician that sacrificed his time for service to his country. Not one of the current guys that sacrifices this great country so it can service him.
Over, Jack

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